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Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Incorporated
This is a discussion group for the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Incorporated. Membership is open to members of the club in Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding areas. Terms of use :  This forum may be used for discussion of matters of interest to OVMRC members. The use of profane language, personal attacks, etc will result in the immediate moderation of the group member, and may result in their suspension. For sale postings are allowed, but must be related to Ham Radio and must be personal in nature.
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  • OVMRC Aries Balloon Project
    This is the discussion group for the OVMRC Aries Balloon Project.
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  • BITX Subgroup
    This is a special interest group for those OVMRC members interested in building the BITX40 and uBITX.
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  • Fox Hunting Sub Group
    In this group, we will solicit volunteers who want to become involved in some capacity, we will evaluate and make recommendations for project builds as well as Club equipment acquisitions.  As we gain knowledge, skills and experience we will begin to promote regular events (also sometimes referred to as Amateur Radio Direction Finding or ARDF on an international level) where members can participate as part of the organizing team and/or as participants.  We expect participants will include other club members and members of other institutional groups such as Scouts, Cadets, Schools and even the general public.
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